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Nothing Special Here

I suppose God has been trying to tell me something recently.  There are certainly bigger problems in the world than what I consider to be problems.

I went on the food truck ministry that our school does. We go around and feed the homeless people that live under some local bridges.  It really hit home to me when I saw the mattress and blankets under the several overpasses we drove to.  I saw people in need all the time when they came in to our office for assistance or to eat from the soup kitchen, but I never got off my rear end and went to see what they experience. it was so sad.  I know some of them are there as a consequence of their own choices, but it was still a sad sight.

Yesterday at church, a girl gave a testimony of her past. It was inspiring to hear her story and how she has turned her life around.  I began to think of an upcoming assignment I will have for our chapel. Each of us has to give our testimony of how we came to know God.  I don’t have any amazing story.  I grew up being taught about God.  My childhood was happy, and I had a wonderful family.  I never did drugs or went to jail.  My biggest crime was sneaking off campus for lunch when only seniors were allowed to leave.  Well, maybe it was sneaking a beer at the age of 18.  But as you can tell I was no “wild child”.

I have no amazing story to tell, and I’m grateful.  I guess that is what I will have to say (as I pray I don’t puke on myself speaking in front of 150 people).


Chrisley Knows Best

So I have discovered my new favorite show.  My mom got me into it the last time I visited.  I love this guy.

He is so blunt and just the way I think a dad should be.  He lives in Atlanta near me. I sooooo want to hang out with this family.

Some of my favorite quotes:

To 16 year old Savannah when her skirt was too short: “Miley has Billy Ray as her Daddy. You have Todd Chrisley.

Now go change, class not a$$, sweetheart.”

To 17 year old Chase who wants to stay out late: “The only things open after midnight are legs and the ER, and you’re

not going anywhere near either of them”.

To two of his kids when they think they know better (and we know teenagers know everything, LOL): “I’ve been

there, done that, got the t-shirt. You’re just playing reruns”.

To an employee: “You can’t offer me the kind of help I need. It’s beyond couch time.”

Check him out on USA on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m.   He is hysterical.


Maybe I’m Too Sensetive

I don’t know why I have to be so sensitive.  Ever since my last post, I keep thinking how scared my friend’s wife must be. I have cried for her as I read her blog, and I don’t even know her.  Then I think about my friend and the two children and what they must be going through as well.

I guess I just take things to heart too much.  Years ago, a co-worker had a stillborn baby.  There aren’t many things more heartbreaking than an infant casket.  I walked into the service and almost turned around and left, but I stayed because if my co-worker had to be there and it was HER child  in there, I could do it. So, I took my Kleenex and made it through.

Sensitivity and empathy are good things.  My husband has always said I have a pastor’s heart, so I suppose this is why God has me where I am.  Sure doesn’t make it any easier.

New Perspective on Life

My heart is heavy for a friend tonight. We have been friends since 9th grade. Back in the day, I had a major crush on him. He was kind and still put up with me even when I acted like an idiot trying to get him interested in being more than friends.

Well, today he posted on his Facebook about crappy TV in the Dr.’s office. I commented and asked if one of the kids was sick. He sent me a private message and shared his wife’s blog. They just found out she has cancer.

He is scared. She is scared. They have 2 small children.

It makes me feel like a dog for the way I carry on about my problems. My family is healthy. None of us has ever had any major health problems.

We even have an instructor at our school who had a scare about a brain tumor that turned out to be a false alarm. Still, the possibility and not knowing is agony.

Just getting a new perspective on life tonight.