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Sad thing is if they had to put a sign, someone must have really tried.



OK, We’ll See

So, my boss is also my pastor. Today at church she told us she wants us to go to a marriage retreat in May.  She will watch our kuds, and all but ordered us to go.  Hubby is all in. Me? well….we’ll see. Stay tuned.

Happy Wife, Happy Life? Study Says It’s the Other Way Around



A study from University of Chicago researchers found that when it comes to good marriages, the health and attitude of the husband plays a major role in marriage bliss. They looked at 953 heterosexual couples and found that women whose husbands were described as having high levels of positivity were were less likely to report conflict in their relationship.

What was interesting, was that women’s positivity levels had no impact on the relationship.Women reported more conflict if the husband was in poor health, but once again, it didn’t matter if it was the other way around. So yes, women can be miserable and still have a good marriage. But a grumpy husband hurt the marriage.

Unsurprisingly, men who described themselves as neurotic, had wives who complained about marriage quality.

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Doing More New Stuff

This past weekend I attended a training to become certified to teach a child abuse prevention class. We are getting ready to build a gym and open after school care. Now I will get to teach it for the church and my fellow employees.

I’m kind of excited. Coming out of my shell isn’t so bad after all.