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Gender Insanity

I recently discovered “Activist Mommy”.  I love, love, love her!  She speaks the truth and has some common sense.

Lets face it.  As much as someone may want to change his/her gender, you can’t. Activist Mommy is right.  If Bruce Jenner committed a crime and left DNA evidence, the police would determine the suspect was….wait for it…..MALE.  He can wear a dress and high heels, enlarge his boobs, and call himself Caitlyn all he wants. He’s still a man.

What I don’t understand is how people celebrate others mutilating their bodies.  Johns Hopkins will not perform gender reassignment surgery because they see it as a mental health issue much like an anorexic who sees herself/himself as fat when they are not. We would never encourage anorexia. We would encourage the person to get treatment not to mutilate their body.  So I’m with ‘ya Activist Mommy.

Check this out.   So true….