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Ringing the Bell

Dear Lady Who Felt it Necessary to Curse at Me,

I realize you think it is too d*** early for us to be out ringing bells.  What you don’t realize is that i don’t want to be out here any more than you want to see me.  I am cold. My feet hurt. My buttoned up collar is choking me (my sympathy to the fellas who wear ties).  I also have to wear this ridiculous hat.  Please don’t be ugly. I am only doing what I am required to do for my grade.  I don’t even get paid.  You certainly don’t have to put any money in the pot, but please, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.


Hallelujah Meltdown

Stressed beyond belief!

We just had our first performance evaluations.  The officers rate you in several areas where you can receive a final score of 100 (just like on a test). I got an 87 and the hubby got a 91 (figured he would do better than me ’cause he has been at this kind of work for 18 years).

I’m OK with my score, it would be a B on a test.  What stresses me out is the areas I was marked down in.  They told me I don’t speak up enough.  They wrote, “She is a bit of a wallflower.”

I’m just not one to speak out much.  I talk better in a small group or one-on-one.  My husband is the EXTREME extrovert. He never met a stranger, and everybody loves him.  I know they are just trying to get me out of my comfort zone, but if feels like they are trying to force me to be something I’m not.

The other thing that scares me is they don’t play here.  One person has already been sent home.  I have another friend who is on probation for her weight.

My first sermon is coming up.  Shoot me now.

So the hubby and I may not be as bad off as I thought.

All the couples at our school must take a required marriage enrichment class.  One of the activities we did recently was to sit back to back. One person looks at a picture then describes it to the other person who draws it based on what his or her partner says.

So, of course, after class we talked with other couples about how we did. I was suprised how many of them got into bad arguments.  I thought we did pretty well. There was no fussing with us. I described the pic for my hubby, and he got it right except I forgof to tell him to turn the paper to landscape.

I know the point is communication, but is it wise to get people to do something that might actually start a fight and then encourage them to go out on a date?


O the Pre-teen Drama

Gotta love it.

Tears, stomping, backtalk.

Fractions are the enemy.

Trying to avoid the ” I’m going to tell your daddy” line because then I will lose credibility.

Somebody help!