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Joy Comes in the Morning

It’s amazing how the weather can change so quickly.

Yesterday began a little cloudy, but the sun came out.

Then, it began to cloud up again. Finally, the skies openend and huge downpour began complete with hail.

An hour later, the sun tried to peek through once again.

As I watched from the window at work, I was reminded how our lives are like the weather. We have moments of

sunshine and happiness, then we have moments of clouds and sadness.

i have a Bible scripture e-mailed to me each morning.  Today was Psalm 30:5  “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

Things in my marriage seemed hopeless, but are slowly getting better (not much, but still some).  I think that progress was slowed due to other situations that came up.  I have to say at the time I wasn’t even thinking about my marriage itself, I was thinking about keeping my children and keeping my family off the street.

I’m reminded today though, no matter how bad the storms of life or the storms in the sky, they don’t last.  The sun will come back out and joy will come in the morning


Whom Shall I Fear?

I heard this oldie this morning.  It served as a nice reminder to me not to worry or stress when things get difficult.  I did not have to fear.  God knew the truth, and turned what others meant for evil into good just like in the stoy of Joseph in the Bible.

We found out the organization we work for is going to pay for therapy for our daughter due to her abuse from foster care.  They are also going to cover anger management for the hubby, and even marriage counseling if needed.

Things are falling into place.

Earrings and Nail Polish

ring polish

We have settled in to our new home and started our new jobs.  Things are not perfect, but I am focusing on a positive attitude.  The house is old, built in 1915, but renovated within reason.

We were able to buy a second car for cash.  My husband sold his car before our move to the training school because they only allow you to bring one vehicle.  Now I am a soccer mom with a minivan.

My job is good.  I work at a Boys and Girl’s Club.  I am the computer lab teacher and really like it.  I help with homework and monitor the internet activities.  It is like being back in the classroom but without the headache.  No lesson plans, no grading papers, no parent conferences, and if they don’t behave I simply kick them out. I don’t have to take any crap.

And then there is the thing of NO UNIFORM.  Well, we kinda do have one. It consists of khaki pants and a t shirt.  Who can complain about going to work comfy?  Best of all is the return of earrings and nailpolish.  We could not wear earrings or paint our nails with our uniform at the school.  Funny how little things can make you so happy.

After the he!! of the new year, life is good.