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Missing My House

Missing my old house (sigh).  It is so wierd to be staying only a few houses down from my old house.  I miss it soooo bad.



Taking a Break

After the uproar of the last month and a half, we are finally relaxing.  We start our new jobs within the organization on Mar. 23. I will work at a Boys and Girl’s Club and the hubby will be director of a program for homeless veterans.

As hurtful as all this has been, we have been cared for.  Instead of kicking us out completely, we were moved for the next year and will return to training after our current class session is gone.  I talked (well, cried) with one of the officers before we left. She told me how she understood I did not see how leaving was best, but to trust her that we did not want our daughter around some of the other kids.

So anyway, here we are.  We’re back in NC hanging with our old pastor/officer who we lived with for a month before we left and NOT writing sermons or papers.  Sweet!