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Adoption Day

Today is a big day in our family. It is the sixth anniversary of our adoption being final after being foster parents for nearly a year. We always make a big deal of it. Ready for a pool party/cook out to celebrate tonight.

It was a long road (You can check out my story from April 10), but we have been so blessed!

I was looking at a picture we took on that day with the judge. My daughter stood about as tall as my husband’s belt buckle. Now, she is just as tall as me, and her brother is right behind her.

Thank You, Lord for my sweet children.



Quiet Monday

The view from my desk at work. Empty lobby on a Monday? Hope I’m not speaking too soon.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

So I’ve been going through a time where I have been angry and not speaking to God. I haven’t felt like that in about 16 years. I finally repented and decided to catch up on my scripure e mails. They were all passages about love. I began to think that such a little word can be very complicated. There are so many kinds of love.

There is love for your children.

There is love for other family members.

There is romantic love for a spouse. Hard one for me to sort out right now. Seems like we are somewhere between spouses and just friends.

There is love for your friends.

In my job, I have begun to see a love even for total strangers. Everyday, I deal with hurting people. The past 2 days, our person in charge of handing out food was on vacation, so I was responsible. One lady had tears in her eyes and gave me a hug just for a simple buggy of groceries.

Sometimes love can make you do stupid things.

Love will make you care what the other person thinks. It can make you not share very personal problems out of embarassment, but the thing is if that person loves you, they won’t care or judge you. I still can’t bear to tell my own mom or my best friend of nearly 33 years about my most personal trouble. The funny thing is due to my dad’s medical condition and my friend’s husband’s injury, they are surely dealing with the same thing.

Some things are just easier to talk to strangers about. Then strangers turn into great friends.

Not sure what the purpose of this post is. Just my thoughts and ramblings for tonight.


Not Enough Hours

So much to do and not enough hours. Seems like everyone wants a piece of me. One advantage is it keeps my mind busy. Just trying to keep the plates spinning.

My Favorite Cousin

During my internet surfing today, I came across a group called “I Lost A Loved One To Suicide”. It got me thinking of my cousin. I wrote this story and thought I would share it here.

I had a favorite cousin named John. My mom and I lived with my grandparents, and he would come over after school. He was 7 years older than me, but he would take time and play with me like a big brother. My mom said sometimes he was the only one who could get me to stop crying.

When he turned 16, his mother (my aunt) went missing. This was 1979, and she has never been seen since.

He stayed with my grandmother for a while until some family friends took him in. He finally located his father who disappeared after his parent’s divorce, and his own dad didn’t want him.

Other things happened that were too much for him, so in January of 2005, he took his own life by hanging himself at the age of 42. I miss him very much. RIP, John.


The Lost Art of Letter Writing

After spending 5 weeks only being able to communicate with my daughter by old fashioned letters, I began thinking what a lost art an actual handwritten letter has become.

I found I really enjoyed writing to her each week. Her father, brother, and I would each write her a letter.

I think sometimes it is easier to communicate feelings in writing. My husband and I have even been having some deep
e mail conversations. I much prefer to approach touchy subjects that way.

The written word can be a good way to express heartfelt feelings to those you love, so save the postal service by writing someone you love a letter today.



holding hands

I am a woman of few words.
Don’t know what to say.

It’s hard to find something to talk about;
a topic we haven’t already worn out.

You say we don’t know each other because we never talk.
I think you can know someone so well, many words aren’t

We know each other’s dreams and can even finish each other’s
sentences. We can read each other’s eyes and know how the other is feeling.

Sometimes you just need someone to be THERE and nothing more.
No opinions, no advice, just a hand.