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Dear Pretty Young Ladies,

   I understand the beach is beautiful and you wish to sun yourselves, but must you park yourselves

6 feet in front of me and show off your rear ends to my husband and 10 year old son?  Thongs are so not necessary.







It’s Getting Real

I thought I was excited, now not so sure.

The closer it gets, the more anxious I become.



Am I making the right choice, or should I just run?


First weekend as officially homeless.

Strange staying 1 block away from the old house and seeing new people there.

Having second thoughts about this whole situation. 

Things are getting real now. 

74 days until my new life. Can I still run away?



Mother’s Day

Tomorrow I celebrate my 8th Mother’s Day.  A day I thought I would never get to celebrate. 

A day of misery for 11 years as each Mother’s Day passed.

My heart goes out to those who long to be mothers, but whose arms are still empty.

Don’t lose hope  I am proof God answers prayers and counts your tears.  


For those who are mothers,  Have a happy Mother’s Day!

“Her children arise and call her blessed”  Proverbs 31:28




Today was moving day. We have sold our house with closing May 16.

It hit me pretty hard yesterday when the realator had us come sign some papers. She asked for our forwarding address.

We don’t have one yet. We are homeless (well, we do own another home, but it is being rented).

So until July 30, we are moving around to different friends and family.  They are so kind to open their

homes to four wayward souls.

Not sure why this got to me so much, but I do know I will never look at the truly homeless the same way. It is

going to be a long 2 months.





Just a Rant

It really sucks when your own family won’t help!  My husband has 2 cases of guns.

Of course, the school we are moving to doesn’t allow guns on campus, so we are asking

around for someone to please keep them while we go to training.

No luck at all.  Nobody wants guns in their house. Even those with no children won’t help.

Gee, wonder how my kids have survived having them in the house.


Grief! They are locked, and we have no more ammo.

I do understand somewhat, but it stinks when you get no support.  Guns aren’t my faviorite thing either,

but I’m not going to act like they are some disease.  Plus, if I’m ever facing a bad guy, I’m sure I’d love to have one.