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My Week From Hell

Hurt has turned to rage.  Those who don’t know my family need to keep their mouths shut.  Ugly accusations that came second hand from a child have torn my family apart.

Gossip abounds from people who are supposed to be Godly Christians.

Newsflash!  If you hear raised voices, it does not mean anyone is being abused or beaten.  There is no need to break the chain of command and attempt to destroy my family.

So very thankful God has worked it out. Just still very angry and needed to vent.


Creative Writing

So I’m taking a creative writing class.  Our first assignment was to write about the best day of our lives, so I thought I would share here as well.  It brings back such great memories…

The best day of my life was August 10, 2006.  That was the day my husband and I brought our children home.  We had been trying to adopt for ten years.  Well, not consistently for ten years. In the summer of 1996 and again in the spring of 1997, we were chosen by two different birth mothers to adopt their babies, but both changed their minds and kept their babies.  We decided we could not handle going through that again, so we gave up for a long time, but God had a plan.

It was a great day!  That morning I went to work in my classroom (I was still teaching school at the time and teacher workdays were about to start).  My dear teacher friend prepared a laminated banner to welcome the children home.  At lunch time, we were to meet the case worker at her office, and she would accompany us to pick up the children.  When we got there, she told us it would be after lunch before we could get them because the foster parents were not home and would not return until early afternoon, so we went to lunch at Red Lobster.

Finally!  It was time!  We were off to get our children!  There were lots of tears.  Tears of happiness for me, yet tears of sadness from the “grandmother type” foster mother who had cared for them for over a year.  We loaded up our church van. Yes, it was like moving a small house with all of their clothes and toys.  The case worker helped us unload, then it was time to unpack.  We finished the evening at a dear church member’s house for a dinner of hamburgers and an evening of swimming with our brand new children.

We both put them to bed and stared at them as they slept.  It was almost like we could not believe it was real.  I was afraid it would all be a dream if I took my eyes off them.