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Heated Week

Everywhere I turn this week I read very heated opinions on both sides of the same sex marriage debate.  It saddens me that so many on both sides can say such hurtful things.  First of all, let me say I very much support traditional marriage and believe the practice of homosexuality is a sin.  That does not mean I am a “hater” or that I feel gays should be mistreated in any way. Gays are not deprived on any rights given by the constitution.  They can travel and come and go as they please and live with whoever they want.  They have the same freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, and the right to remain silent and to have an attorney if they get in trouble just like everyone else.  The constitution does not give anyone (even heterosexuals) the right to marry.  It doesn’t mention marriage or any moral issue at all.

I have a big problem with people trying to redefine marriage. A marriage is between one man and one woman and has been so for thousands of years.  We can’t go around redefining words to make them mean what we want them to mean. If a new fruit were discovered, we would not try to say it is an apple.  It would be given its own name.  So why not give the homosexual community something of their own that has the same legal protections (such as health benefits and not having to testify against each other) as a marriage, but without being called a marriage.

As far as cakes and such go… If I were a baker, I would be happy to bake a cake for a gay wedding as long as the couple would agree to cater my “Straight Pride” event.