The Dangerous (Not Transformed) Wife

I have commented in the past on a woman named Lori Alexander who claims to be a Christian.  There is a list a foot long of how vile this woman is.

  • She flicked the cheeks of her infants if they bit her while nursing (like just unlatching them wouldn’t work).
  • She used a leather strap to swat her babies under a year old.
  • She gossips.
  • She deceived her husband by destroying her birth control so she could have a second baby and stay home because her lazy butt just didn’t want to work.
  • She says, “Pain is a great teacher.”
  • She does not tithe, but would expect her church to have the endless funds to support her if something happened to her husband.
  • She will delete any comments on her blog or fb page that disagree with her.
  • She gives dangerous medical advice like saying its OK to go ahead and have a c section even against a doctor’s advice.
  • She wipes up raw chicken juice and reuses the cloth without washing it, yet wants to judge people with messy homes because we all know that Jesus told Mary to get back in that kitchen and help Martha.
  • She judges other women for not cooking “nourishing” meals, but only fixes big salads at home.
  • She would love it if women were not allowed to vote.


But today was an all time low.   Lori doesn’t feel depression is real and you should just pray for a “sound mind”.  A woman commented today that she had considered taking her life this morning.  All she was told in response was to pray and read her Bible.  No offering support or telling her to talk to a friend or pastor. No telling he to call a suicide hotline…nothing.

Then, when another person was kind enough to offer support and a suicide hotline number, the comment was deleted.

That was it for me.  I will be doing anything I can to stop this woman, and since she will delete anything she doesn’t like. I will be commenting here.

Please, please, please, Stay away from this woman.



6 thoughts on “The Dangerous (Not Transformed) Wife

  1. I had a comment deleted by her today. I had post natal depression after my 3rd baby, I have 4 adult sons, but didn’t have it after the others. I was always told Christian’s don’t get depressed so didn’t feel able to seek help. My father has Alzheimer’s disease and a once intelligent and articulate man no longer recognises me, is confused and disoriented and has lost touch with reality. As she said God gives Christian’s a sound mind I asked her how this could be as I struggle understanding the scripture with the reality in front of me. I was hoping for an answer, even a ‘sorry I don’t know’ would have been appreciated but I was just deleted. I won’t be reading there again.

    • God never promised Christians would never have troubles. We live in a sinful world, and sometimes life sucks. Look at Job.

      I believe God gave doctors wisdom to know how to help us. If medication is needed, then by all means, use it. I see no reason why God could not provide a sound mind with medication as well.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    yes, this lady is very dangerous and, in m opinion, has no interest whatsoever in the very people she claims to want to “mentor”. To make things worse, she doesn’t appear to have done any of the things she encourages women to do. She appears to be trying to get a post go viral again, but I hope that she gets in trouble if that happens. I hope going viral gets the right people to pay attention to her, people she can’t just delete and ignore, but those who might post some sort of threat to her comfortable little life.
    I feel mean wishing something like that on anyone, but this woman really has to be stopped in her tracks. Like the Pearls.

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Ruth (aka Onemama)

  3. Yes she is definitely dangerous.
    I followed her teachings for quite a while, stupidly believing that if I submitted more, and was more obedient to my husband, his abuse of me would stop. It didn’t. It escalated. Lori insisted that all I had to do was submit and obey, and if my husband was hitting me, it was because I was submitting or obeying well enough. She never once encouraged me to get help or call the authorities, she just repeated that if I submitted properly, the abuse would stop.
    Eventually, the abuse did stop, but not because I got more submissive or more obedient. I stood up for myself, kicked his sorry butt to the kerb, and wouldn’t let him come back until he’d sorted himself out. Once he got his drinking under control and gave me shared control of the finances and a few other things, the man I married returned.
    To this day, I still believe that if I hadn’t got out when I did, and if I had continued to follow Lori’s teachings, I would be dead today.

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