Been a Rough One Here

Sad-DanboWarning: this is a vent post.

This week has been a rough one.

A battle in my head that I haven’t had for a long time.

It started with the Sunday sermon. it was on the Apostle Paul talking about his “thorn in the flesh”, yet he never mentions what it was.

Over the past few years I have looked at my struggle in my marriage as a “thorn in the flesh,” so I immediately become raw.

Things were getting better just before our family fiasco right after the new year. Now they are back to the same old, same old.

We just don’t fight about it.  I give up. I surrender.

Then EVERY stinking day this week as I read my devotional, fb newsfeed or something else.  What has it been about? “How to Make Your Man Happy”  or “15 Ways to Capture His Heart”    as Todd Chrisley says, “Are you for real, right now?”

Sorry for the rant.  Been a rough one…   Oh, well, at least next week is vacation.