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My New Favorite Song

I love this song. I’ve been feeling like I am just surviving lately.
It does wonders to lift my spirit. Maybe someone out there will find it helpful too. Enjoy!


22 Years

Well, today is my 22nd anniversary. I have been doing well distracting myself with work and the excitement of our upcoming move, but I heard this song in the car this morning. I teared up a little, but no meltdown. Sigh….


I’m so exhausted after 2 weeks of travel.  We spent a few days in Hilton Head, SC at the hubby’s uncle’s time share. Then, it was off to Atlanta for a little fun and business, and finally off to Mickey Mouse at Disney World.

More travel to come as we visit family in order not to wear out our welcome in one place to long while we are homeless until the end of July.

The good thing is there is a lot of distraction. We are staying with our Pastor/Boss lady for right now.  She also has  a summer “Cadet” from the school we are about to attend staying with us.  It’s one big boarding house. Lots of fun to keep me occupied.