They Found Their Birthmother

Every now and then I scroll through my children’s birthmother’s fb page. We are not fb friends. she doesn’t even know who I am. I only know her name because it is in the adoption records, so out of curiosity I looked her up but never contacted her.

Shortly before Christmas I was scrolling through he page and was shocked to discover my daughter had found her. I gasped when I saw a picture of my children on her page with a caption about how happy she was they found her!  They are 14 and 15 now, so I suppose they are old enough, but I was hurt that they contacted her without talking to me.

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Dillard Gets the Ax From TLC

So the grifter Derick Dillard got the ax from TLC because of his tweets about fellow TLC star, Jazz.  While I don’t see his comments as hate, I do feel Derick should have left a minor/child out of the conversation.

The transgender issue is a very delicate one.  There are indeed medical conditions where a person is born with both male and female parts. There is also another condition where someone is born with female parts, but is genetically male. It has something to do with the fetus not being sensitive to the male hormones while in the womb, so the male parts don’t develop.

Mostly though, it is a mental health issue. It’s like an anorexic seeing himself/herself as fat when they’re not.  In those cases, family and friends do not go along with them in their misconception. They encourage therapy and try to help them see the reality that they are not fat and are dangerously thin.   Yet there are those who encourage gender dysphoria and support their loved one pumping his/her body with hormones or even mutilating their body.  As a 5′ white woman, if I got a dark spray tan and wore a wig andplatform shoes and tried to say i was a 5’10’ black woman, it would not be hate for someone to tell me that I’m not

What bothers me is those who will call the truth and say Jazz is a boy are labeled as haters or bigots. I do not hate transgender people, and would defend anyone who was being mistreated or bullied, but it’s not hate to say that Bruce Jenner is a man.  He can call himself Caitlyn, take hormones, cut certain parts off  and wear a dress, but he is still a man.  That said, if I were to ever see him in need, I would help just like I would anyone else.


Sweet Memories

This past father’s day was the first one without my dad. I spent a lot of time looking at pictures and remembering  the wonderful times in my childhood.  I remember Dunkin’ Donuts on Saturday mornings and grilling out hamburgers with friends on Saturday nights where all the kids would play and run around and my Dad and his BFF would tease and prank everyone. The burgers were on, rain or shine. My mom even has a pic to prove it.  My dad is grilling and his friend is holding the umbrella.

I’ve thought of both of them lot lately.  They are together causing trouble in Heaven now. LoL.  I’m sure the Lord has had to out them in “time out.”

This is Jesus dealing with them:


The Dangerous (Not Transformed) Wife

I have commented in the past on a woman named Lori Alexander who claims to be a Christian.  There is a list a foot long of how vile this woman is.

  • She flicked the cheeks of her infants if they bit her while nursing (like just unlatching them wouldn’t work).
  • She used a leather strap to swat her babies under a year old.
  • She gossips.
  • She deceived her husband by destroying her birth control so she could have a second baby and stay home because her lazy butt just didn’t want to work.
  • She says, “Pain is a great teacher.”
  • She does not tithe, but would expect her church to have the endless funds to support her if something happened to her husband.
  • She will delete any comments on her blog or fb page that disagree with her.
  • She gives dangerous medical advice like saying its OK to go ahead and have a c section even against a doctor’s advice.
  • She wipes up raw chicken juice and reuses the cloth without washing it, yet wants to judge people with messy homes because we all know that Jesus told Mary to get back in that kitchen and help Martha.
  • She judges other women for not cooking “nourishing” meals, but only fixes big salads at home.
  • She would love it if women were not allowed to vote.


But today was an all time low.   Lori doesn’t feel depression is real and you should just pray for a “sound mind”.  A woman commented today that she had considered taking her life this morning.  All she was told in response was to pray and read her Bible.  No offering support or telling her to talk to a friend or pastor. No telling he to call a suicide hotline…nothing.

Then, when another person was kind enough to offer support and a suicide hotline number, the comment was deleted.

That was it for me.  I will be doing anything I can to stop this woman, and since she will delete anything she doesn’t like. I will be commenting here.

Please, please, please, Stay away from this woman.


Gender Insanity

I recently discovered “Activist Mommy”.  I love, love, love her!  She speaks the truth and has some common sense.

Lets face it.  As much as someone may want to change his/her gender, you can’t. Activist Mommy is right.  If Bruce Jenner committed a crime and left DNA evidence, the police would determine the suspect was….wait for it…..MALE.  He can wear a dress and high heels, enlarge his boobs, and call himself Caitlyn all he wants. He’s still a man.

What I don’t understand is how people celebrate others mutilating their bodies.  Johns Hopkins will not perform gender reassignment surgery because they see it as a mental health issue much like an anorexic who sees herself/himself as fat when they are not. We would never encourage anorexia. We would encourage the person to get treatment not to mutilate their body.  So I’m with ‘ya Activist Mommy.

Check this out.   So true….

Why I Went to Work Today

Today is a “day without women”.  The elitist feminazis want women to stay out of work in protest. In protest of what?

What a wonderful example to our young daughters to stay home and pout for no reason. Personally, I hope it backfires on them and many of them are fired.

Can any of them name one job they didn’t get because they were a girl?

Any class they couldn’t take in school because they were a girl?

Name a man who was paid more than her who had the exact same degree/qualifications, experience and years of service at a company?  I doubt it because salaries are supposed to be confidential anyway.

If the feminazis really wanted to stand up for women, they would be standing up for the girls who are mutilated or sold as sex slaves or Middle Eastern women who are abused, raped or allowed to be killed for no reason.

So, take off the stupid vajay jay hats and do something useful with yourself.  I’ll be at work.


Deny It All You Want, but Abortion IS Murder.

I was so happy to hear about the March for Life, especially after the previous weekend’s embarrassing march of death.

I’ve been going trough all the excuses I’ve heard, but have yet to find one that requires an abortion as the solution.

  1. Rape: Of course, this is a tragic situation. There is the morning after pill to prevent any pregnancy from implanting.  Some people don’t even like that, but I do have compassion and can deal with it as long as it’s done immediately.
  2. The child has a deformity/illness and won’t live anyway:  Um, would you kill your already born child who came down with a serious disease?  Also, if your already born child was dying, would you love them and hold them in their final moments or dismember them?
  3. The mother’s life is at risk:  That’s why there are emergency c-sections or early deliveries.   Modern medicine can save even the smallest of premies. If the baby doesn’t make it, at least you tried.
  4. I can’t afford to care for a baby:  That’s why there is adoption, and with Safe Haven laws, a woman can leave her baby at a designated place and no one will ever know.

So, women, stop the nonsense.  You do have a choice. You choose to have sex or not.  Stop trying to get out of facing the consequences of your actions.