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Once agian, I have a little bit of quiet time and I start to think too much.  I just noticed that with all the other distractions like my class and being football and cheerleadr mom, I haven’t thought much about my marriage lately.  That is strange because I was soooo obsessed with what was (or WASN’T) happening.  The intimacy area hasn’t changed much, but I think we have become united against the “enemy.”  We are texting and calling during the day.  I used to never call or text him during the day unless I had to.  I was so mad. Now I do it just to say hello and see how he is doing.
Funny how you can get along when you have to play on the same team.


A Doormat No More

I seriously wish I could stop being such a wuss. I need to learn to say, “no”. I need strength to stand up for myself instead of backing down and trying to please people.

For once, I wish I could speak my mind to the idiots instead of being afraid of what they think. That day may be coming soon….I have been given my hubby’s blessing. He is just as tired as I am. Change may be coming real soon.



Feeling really tired today. Dealing with a lot. Trying to stay strong and trust God to provide.
Wishing I could go back to only one trial to deal with.

Have this song on repeat this morning.


Somebody shoot me if I ever think of taking off work for seven days again. Finally finished returning 167 messages.

I work for an organization that helps people in need and was really upset to see no one took these calls.




Quick kisses I used to love
have now become a sad reminder

Like a slap in the face every
morning and every night

They Want Me To Do What?!

OMG! I have been asked to give the sermon on Women’s Day at church!
What in the world? I didn’t think the Baptists allowed women to preach. I absolutely HATE public speaking. I haven’t even so much as taught a Sunday School class other than pre school.

This is not good. Someone save me please!