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Snow Day

It’s a “Take Your KIds to Work” snow day!
And this is all the snow I want.




Cheated…that’s how I feel.

I  was looking at some old pictures today. There were some of when we first picked up our children to bring them home.  What a wonderful day! They have grown so much. My daughter is now taller than me. I was thinking how she is almost 12 and we will only have her for 6 more years, and I got kind of sad because I realized by the time she leaves home, we will have only had her 14 years. Why couldn’t I have 18 years with my children like most people?

I was already feeling down. So what did I do this evening?  I surfed the net reading about my marriage troubles. Feeding already negative thoughts is a real good idea, huh?

So then I feel cheated all over again. Back in the day, I tried to be good. I was a girl who was going to wait till her wedding night. I had an opportunity with a boy when I was 18, but didn’t do it. I even made my husband wait a year and a half until until we were engaged. Anyway, after adding up all the good years, I came up with 16. 16! That’s it!  Gee, if I had known that was all it would be, maybe I would have taken that first opportunity.

So much for trying to do the right thing.


Sooo Angry Part 3

I’m thinking maybe I did over react the other weekend (about the condom incident).  Now I don’t want to be blind or gullible, so I’ve really been keeping my eyes open.  

I still don’t see how he would be able to run around on me. For a week now, we have only been apart while one of us takes the kids to school on the way to work. Then we work together all day, go to lunch together and are only apart long enough for one of us to go pick up the kids on the way home.  This weekend we were home all day Saturday and all went to church Sun. 

He doesn’t even do anything suspicious. He leaves his phone out with me having complete access (a cheating man guards his phone with his life doesn’t he?)  He left it upstairs yesterday while I was folding clothes. It started ringing, so I called down to let him know, and he told me to go ahead and answer. 

That doesn’t sound like a man who is trying to hide something.  I’m still going to be paying attention, but so far, so good.


One of My Unsolicited Opinions

The past couple days I’ve been hearing the feminazis proclaim outrage over Candace Cameron Bure’s comments about submitting to her husband.  Can we give it a rest, people?

Let me be clear. I don’t think a woman should put up with cheating or abuse. But if you have a good man, show some respect. There is no need to try to be a man yourself.  God created men and women different so we would complete each other.

I bet some of the ones complaining about letting a man lead would also be upset if a man acted like a pansy and had no balls. You can’t have it both ways.

It is not an insult to be treated like a lady, and you’re not degrading yourself to act like one.

I work and make my own money. I’m not into the barefoot and pregnant thing, but let’s give the guys some respect.  God designed the man to be the leader in the home.  As much as my man can get on my nerves, I try to follow his leadership. He respects me enough to ask for my input and has even followed my requests when I disagreed with him. Buf if the time comes when a burglar is breaking in the house in the night, HE will be the one to get the gun.


Physical From Hell

Just had the physical from HELL. The doc said he had never seen a form like the one I had (8 pgs.). Even got a chest x ray and an EKG, and I don’t have HIV or Hep. At least I know I am going to live a while.

Sooo Angry Part 2

Well, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I confronted him.

I suppose I should give some background info. A few months ago we discussed how/when it would be time to discuss sex and birth control issues with our children. He brought up buying some condoms to show them. I thought they were too young ( only 10 and almost 12).  So, he says he bought them back then and put them away since I didn’t agree.

Now here’s the thing…We DID have a conversation about buying

some. So how can I say he’s lying?




Also, we are together almost constantly and even work together.  I have no idea WHO he would be running around with or WHEN he would have time. He used to go spend the night away about every other month for class, so that would have been an opportunity,  but now he’s finished with classes and hasn’t been away since Aug.


I’m kicking myself now. I should have kept my mouth shut and waited to see if the box ever got opened.