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My Response to “Duggargate”

I don’t usually comment on hot, debatable issues. However, since my fb newsfeed has been blown up with opinions this past week, I decided to weigh in this time.  I have followed the Duggars for 10 years since their very first special. I enjoyed them for the first five years or so, but then began to sense something wasn’t right. The chaperoned dates and no kissing till the wedding day became too much. Then, I began to see none of the adult children were able to leave or go to school. The older girls were the only ones shown tending to the little ones. JB’s constant sexual innuendos began to creep me out. The worst was when he was humping his wife on the mini golf course.

I think any family that lives so much holier than thou probably has something to hide. Boy did they!

It infuriates me to see so many commenting that Josh was only 14. It was nothing more than a teenage mistake, like he stole a beer from his dad or cut school. It was a crime, plain and simple, and he should have been prosecuted.  14 is old enough to know it is wrong to “diddle” your sisters. Worst of all is the parents covered it up and allowed it to continue to happen. Even if they chose not to involve authorities, they should not have allowed him to live in the home. They should have made other living arrangements for him and sent everyone to counseling.  Others talk about forgiveness. Well, forgiveness does not mean no consequences. In the Bible, David had Uriah killed so he could be with Bathsheba, and the child born from that union died, Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land due to his disobedience. Achan’s whole family was destroyed because of his sin. So yes, Jesus forgives, but he still would have marched Josh’s tale straight to juvie hall.

I feel bad for the girls.  I know this has opened old wounds.  My prayer is that they can find peace now that Josh is being held accountable.


My Top Ten

In keeping with the spirit of the daily prompt, today was to list a top 10 of something.

I went with my favorite movies:

10.  Shawshank Redemption

9. Lean on Me

8. Steel Magnolias

7. 9 to 5

6. The Green Mile

5. Castaway

4. The Help

3. Liar, Liar

2. Bruce Almighty

1. Forest Gump

*There seems to be a Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks theme going on*

Lean on me        9 to 5       Green Mile


Peace, finally (or at least more than there was before).

Praying the bottom will not fall out agian.

Nothing will be completely perfect, but for now there is a break in the clouds.

Wishing I could stop worrying that another shoe will fall so I could enjoy…

The Good Old Days

I may have been under a rock, but I finally discoverd a page with writing prompts, so I thought I’d give it a try.  One of these prompts said to tell something from your past that you enjoyed from the “good old days”.

I remember back in 1987-88 during my senior year of high school.  My best friend and I had the exact same class schedule.  We were even teacher assistants together during Mr. Grice’s third period class.  We thought he was so HOT. He agreed to let us both be his helpers because we didn’t get in trouble, and he knew we were stuck together like glue.  He didn’t even give us much to do other than go get him a cup of coffee.  We were allowed to sit around in the teaher’s lounge and do homework or whatever we wanted.

I remember there was a popular, cute boy named Jim who was a helper for another teacher during that period.  The cool thing was he had a car and would leave campus to go to Dunkin’ Donuts up the street.  He began to invite us along.  We had many laughs and fun with him and thought we were so cool because we got to hang out with a good looking, popular guy.  We ran into him at our reunion several years ago and talked about the memories.


birth fathers

As I think about the likely loss of my wonderful adoptive father in the near future. This is something I have been thinking about…
To find him, or not to find him….


Do not live with regret

For what you never had

Become the adult

He should have been

He simply started your life

He didn’t nourish it or you

He had a brief moment

You have a real lifetime

It’s not about conception

It’s about the creation

Giving meaning to life

Love is not discovered

It’s nurtured by choices

His history is not yours

He merely opened a chapter

In the story of your life

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Thoughts From an Easy Week

So this week has been good.  I have not done much other than go to work in the afternoon.  I kind of feel guilty taking it easy, but I know I need a break, so I totally brain dumped this week.  I got caught up on the trashy “reality” TV.  I have gotten into “Dance Moms” (hey, don’t judge me), and I even confess to keeping up with the new Duggar/Dillard baby.  That family is like a train wreck.  You don’t want to watch, but you can’t help it.  I agree with most of their values, but come on!  People  18 and over do not need a chaperone on a date.  They are not going to “go for it” in the middle of the restaurant. And for goodness sake, someone please free Jana!

it has been a good week. Now I’m off to see my parents. My dad has been in ICU, but is doing some better now.  You just never know with MS, so I try to go see him as much as possible. I’ve also contemplated contacting my birth father, which is a scary thought since I haven’t seen him since I was 2.  Maybe I will after my other dad passes on…

Forgive the rambling post.  Just my thoughts today.  My body relaxed, but my brain didn’t. LOL