Thoughts From an Easy Week

So this week has been good.  I have not done much other than go to work in the afternoon.  I kind of feel guilty taking it easy, but I know I need a break, so I totally brain dumped this week.  I got caught up on the trashy “reality” TV.  I have gotten into “Dance Moms” (hey, don’t judge me), and I even confess to keeping up with the new Duggar/Dillard baby.  That family is like a train wreck.  You don’t want to watch, but you can’t help it.  I agree with most of their values, but come on!  People  18 and over do not need a chaperone on a date.  They are not going to “go for it” in the middle of the restaurant. And for goodness sake, someone please free Jana!

it has been a good week. Now I’m off to see my parents. My dad has been in ICU, but is doing some better now.  You just never know with MS, so I try to go see him as much as possible. I’ve also contemplated contacting my birth father, which is a scary thought since I haven’t seen him since I was 2.  Maybe I will after my other dad passes on…

Forgive the rambling post.  Just my thoughts today.  My body relaxed, but my brain didn’t. LOL


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