My Response to “Duggargate”

I don’t usually comment on hot, debatable issues. However, since my fb newsfeed has been blown up with opinions this past week, I decided to weigh in this time.  I have followed the Duggars for 10 years since their very first special. I enjoyed them for the first five years or so, but then began to sense something wasn’t right. The chaperoned dates and no kissing till the wedding day became too much. Then, I began to see none of the adult children were able to leave or go to school. The older girls were the only ones shown tending to the little ones. JB’s constant sexual innuendos began to creep me out. The worst was when he was humping his wife on the mini golf course.

I think any family that lives so much holier than thou probably has something to hide. Boy did they!

It infuriates me to see so many commenting that Josh was only 14. It was nothing more than a teenage mistake, like he stole a beer from his dad or cut school. It was a crime, plain and simple, and he should have been prosecuted.  14 is old enough to know it is wrong to “diddle” your sisters. Worst of all is the parents covered it up and allowed it to continue to happen. Even if they chose not to involve authorities, they should not have allowed him to live in the home. They should have made other living arrangements for him and sent everyone to counseling.  Others talk about forgiveness. Well, forgiveness does not mean no consequences. In the Bible, David had Uriah killed so he could be with Bathsheba, and the child born from that union died, Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land due to his disobedience. Achan’s whole family was destroyed because of his sin. So yes, Jesus forgives, but he still would have marched Josh’s tale straight to juvie hall.

I feel bad for the girls.  I know this has opened old wounds.  My prayer is that they can find peace now that Josh is being held accountable.


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