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Life With Teenagers (Part 2)

OK, so my kid isn’t that bad.  This pic is from an incident that took place in a school in my hometown about 10 miles from where I grew up.  I really hope the officer doesn’t get in too much trouble.  The girl should have been taught some respect and done as she was told in the first place when the teacher told her to put her phone up (Don’t get me started on kuds having phones in school). Yet people want to make the officer out to be the bad guy. What about the disrespectful brat?


Lesson: Always listen to the police. You can talk with an attorney or supervisor later if you have an issue, but listen and follow directions.


Life With Teenagers

Can we skip the teenage years please? Constant attitude and backtalk, even to her dad which she never used to do.   Some of it is very hurtful.  Pretty sad I’m letting my feelings be hurt by a 13 year old.    Here’s the beauty:  her teachers praise her, and she gets an E (for excellent) in conduct on her report card.

Of well, my mom said she wanted to give me away at 13 too.


Going On Strike

Is it mean for me to go on strike?  I am so tired of being the first to make contact with others.  I just realized that I am the first to call/text several of my friends, even my bestie since 4th grade.  We may comment or like something on fb, but not many call or text to just say hi.  I thought it sucked always having to be the one to initiate with my husband. This isn’t even “that kind of initiation”.  It sucks even with your friends.