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The Survey

Check out #28  of the parenting survey our coach is having us do:

Since having children, I have lost interest in sex.

Me:    Strongly agree        Agree         Nof Sure          Disagree           Strongly Disagree X

Him:   Strongly agree       Agree         Not Sure          Disagree  X       Strongly Disagree

Are you kidding me?    He should have put strongly agree.

That’s OK.  The marriage survey is coming.  The truth will come out.  I’m ready sing

like a bird.  Maybe this dude can help us.



Funny Work Conversation

Paula (Human Resources lady): Michelle, are you dressing up for Halloween


Me: Oh, did the Major say we could?

Paula: Yea, as long as it’s not something bad.

Josh (the 28 year old accountant): That means no “naughty nurse.”   *grins*


If only I had the figure…..*sigh*


Silent cry in the dark

Others will soon hear

People asking questions

Hidden things will come to light

The truth will be revealed.



Shut Up, Brain!

OK, so I had 2 long trips this week. I’m exhausted. It’s late, and my mind won’t quit. I had been doing much better dealing with my marriage, but now those old thoughts are creeping back. Hate nights like this.

Am I pretty enough? I’m no beauty queen, but I’ve never turned anyone to stone either.
Was I good enough in the bedroom? I guess so. For 16 years, he never complained.

Was I kinky enough? I’m not some prude who only did it with the lights off under the covers, missionary style.
In fact, there are only 4 things I won’t do.

1) I don’t do groups. Sex is something special that should be between 2 people who love each other and are committed to each other. Group stuff is not love or commitment.
2) I don’t do other girls. Not much to say on that one. I’m straight. Boobs and vajay-jays don’t turn me on. Plus, I think it’s
a sin.
3) This is gross, but I don’t do anal. That just reminds me of two men and sooooo not necessary between a man and woman.
4) No S & M. I prefer gentle, not pain. Now, as long as it doesn’t hurt… I’m in!

So there you have it. Fortunately, the hubby has never brought up any of those.

See, I said I was tired. Now I’m rambling. Just trying to figure out something that will never be figured out.


Busy Day

Today was a busy day. The hubby and I spent the day in Charlotte at the divisional headquarters for the mission organization we have applied to join. Man, this is like no other job process I have ever seen! We already met with the candidate reps. at the territory headquarters in Atlanta and took all kinds of tests (LOL, I beat my hubby on the Reading test). We took a butt load of psychological assessments, but haven’t heard if we are crazy yet. Today we had the “hot seat” interview with the divisional commander and about 7 others. This weekend we meet our coach who will hold our hand through the rest of the process. We each have to come up with 8 goals we want to work on over the next 9 months until we go to training. He will visit us every month to check on our progress.

Everything is going well. Nothing real hard to do; it’s just a lot!
The only bummer is I found out I can’t wear nail polish or earrings with the uniform. Those are two things I never leave home without! My boss lady knew I would have a hard time with that one and told me after we get out of the training school, I could get away with it as long as we weren’t near a divisional headquarters where the commander could pop in unannounced.

This is going to be an adventure!

Just Don’t Get It

My friend from work is back.
It was just as I had thought, three long scratches down the side of his face.
We spent the day together cleaning out an old building to be renovated.
We even had lunch together. It was totally innocent, so why do I feel guilty?

He says he wants her back. I tried to reason with him.
Just shaking my head.