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Blog Challenge: Day 26


An old picture of me:

This was my dance pic when I was 11.



Tired Eagle Today


My wings are a little tired today, but I’m still getting by. There have been several good talks even lasting past midnight. Lines of comunication are open better with no blow ups. It has been nice to talk about things without screaming, at least after the last blow up over our most recent attempt at intimacy (OMG What a disaster). Sounds like we both have been suspicious and sneaking behind the other.

Of course other things are still remaining the same, but there is peace in my spirit and peace at home. This, I think I can handle.

Blog Challenge: Day 24



My favorite childhood book:


I love Amelia Bedelia. She is just CRAZY! I still laugh when she was asked to dress the chicken and she put clothes on the the chicken, or when she shakes powder everywhere when asked to dust the furniture.

I had an advantage as a teacher because I read this book to my younger students, so I could still enjoy it without being wierd.

You Won’t Make Me Cry


Tonight I am an eagle.
My new found strength rules now.
You won’t make me cry.

I had a nice day chatting by e mail with a friend.
You won’t make me cry.

Your one sarcastic text response to a simple question I asked
in order not to be yelled at, went right off my back.
You won’t make me cry.

I had a nice lunch with a coworker. We giggled about Facebook
By the way, I know you were on my page last night.
You won’t make me cry,

Insult me for having fun and not “improving my mind”
I’ll sit right here and take it.
You won’t make me cry.

I know I am smart and beautiful.
Tonight I fly.
You won’t make me cry.

Blog Challenge: Day 23


My dream job:

Well, I have already had my dream job. It was at a private school from 2004-2008. I taught 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. I absolutely LOVED it there. The headmaster was very old school. He still had prayer in the morning and kept a paddle, which he DID use. Those children were good. The pay was decent too. It was the only job I’ve ever had where I cried when I left.

Now, I have to say I like the job I have now too. I am now a secretary/bookkeeper, and I really like it.

Blog Challenge : Day 22


The best thing to happen this year:

I think that would be meeting the minister I now work for. She has been so kind and encouraging and given me some great wisdom. I have been able to open up about some things in my marriage. She knew my husband before me, but has been really objective in her advice. She lets me know when my hurt is rightful and when I need to cut him some slack. The best council she gave me was to quit being nosy and searching the hubby’s computer and phone. I wasn’t finding anything bad, but It wasn’t giving me any peace. She went Dr. Phil on me. “So how’s that working for ‘ya?”

She has been a great friend, and is a wonderful boss. I may even get a promotion after only a month of working for her. Wow! Someone who doesn’t think I act like a dumba$$ blonde.