Nothing Special Here

I suppose God has been trying to tell me something recently.  There are certainly bigger problems in the world than what I consider to be problems.

I went on the food truck ministry that our school does. We go around and feed the homeless people that live under some local bridges.  It really hit home to me when I saw the mattress and blankets under the several overpasses we drove to.  I saw people in need all the time when they came in to our office for assistance or to eat from the soup kitchen, but I never got off my rear end and went to see what they experience. it was so sad.  I know some of them are there as a consequence of their own choices, but it was still a sad sight.

Yesterday at church, a girl gave a testimony of her past. It was inspiring to hear her story and how she has turned her life around.  I began to think of an upcoming assignment I will have for our chapel. Each of us has to give our testimony of how we came to know God.  I don’t have any amazing story.  I grew up being taught about God.  My childhood was happy, and I had a wonderful family.  I never did drugs or went to jail.  My biggest crime was sneaking off campus for lunch when only seniors were allowed to leave.  Well, maybe it was sneaking a beer at the age of 18.  But as you can tell I was no “wild child”.

I have no amazing story to tell, and I’m grateful.  I guess that is what I will have to say (as I pray I don’t puke on myself speaking in front of 150 people).


2 thoughts on “Nothing Special Here

  1. The amazing parts in your story can be the smallest details and memories of your child hood. You were blessed with a wonderful childhood. Reach deep and explain why. THAT is where the amazement will be found. You have a good “measuring stick” now of your childhood, based on what you see now on a daily basis with your job. 🙂

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