Maybe I’m Too Sensetive

I don’t know why I have to be so sensitive.  Ever since my last post, I keep thinking how scared my friend’s wife must be. I have cried for her as I read her blog, and I don’t even know her.  Then I think about my friend and the two children and what they must be going through as well.

I guess I just take things to heart too much.  Years ago, a co-worker had a stillborn baby.  There aren’t many things more heartbreaking than an infant casket.  I walked into the service and almost turned around and left, but I stayed because if my co-worker had to be there and it was HER child  in there, I could do it. So, I took my Kleenex and made it through.

Sensitivity and empathy are good things.  My husband has always said I have a pastor’s heart, so I suppose this is why God has me where I am.  Sure doesn’t make it any easier.


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