My Response

Got this ready to send in response to my brother’s message (see previous post for full story on the drama that unfolded after my dad’s death). What do ya’ll think?

First of all, I think it is pretty sad that your first thought after Dad’s death was of money and an isurance policy.

Second, don’t curse at me, and don’t call my mother a “psycho”.  She took care of Dad for all these years.  She fed him, cleaned him, washed him, gave him his meds, breathing treatments, suctioned junk from his throat etc… Didn’t see you help. You haven’t even bothered to call and check on him in over 4 years. None of us had your phone number or address, so don’t be upset that you found out on fb.   The last time you did see him, he was in the hospital, so you knew he was pretty sick and wouldn’t be around forever.

BTW:  My children are not foreign. They were born in America, and my husband and I paid all fees on our own with our savings. So, no, I did not get “your” money to adopt my children.

You are 47 years old. Time to stop the drugs, abusing your woman, and stay out of jail. Grow up.



Life is getting back to normal following my dad’s death, but now the drama has begun.  My half brother (we shared the same dad but have different mothers), who had not bothered to call or come see our dad in over 4 years, is now having a fit that some insurance policy was cancelled back in 2005. There was no, “OMG! My dad is gone. I’m so upset”  It was all about money.

The crazy part is he sent me a nasty fb message cursing me out and accusing me of having my “psycho” mom talk our dad into cancelling the policy and giving me the money to adopt our “foreign” children.  Ummm…no.  I never had any idea about any insurance policy, and my children are not foreign. They were born in America (Myirtle Beach, SC) and my husband and I paid the fees all on our own with our savings.

Help me! It’s about to get crazy.


Why I Voted Trump

As much as it pained me to do so, I voted for Trump.  It came down to a case of the lesser of two evils.

I did not ignore his offensive talk about women. I simply remembered we also had a president doing raunchy deeds with an intern in the oval office.  No one seemed to care then. That president was allowed to stay in office, so it’s kind of hypocritical to make an issue of some dirty locker room talk between two males, when, in the end, either Trump or that particular former president was going to end up back in the White House anyway.

I voted for Trump because of his pro life stance, and hope he does appoint pro life judges.

I voted for him because he is a businessman experienced in financial issues, and maybe he can help our country’s economy.

His stance on immigration seems to be blown out of proportion by the liberal media.  Trump is not saying he doesn’t want Hispanics or Muslims in our country. He is saying he want’s them to come LEGALLY.  Seems fair to me.

Finally, I voted for Trump because I feel he will do his best to keep our nation safe.  I don’t see him sending classified material in an insecure manner and I doubt he would leave men to die after requests for help or more security.

So, I held my nose and voted.  I pray we can all come together now and give him a chance.


































I Found Him

Several months ago I was on facebook and came across my cousin on my birth father’s side.  I have not seen my birth father in over 40 years.  I have been considering connecting with him for a few years now but have been too chicken. I was adopted by the wonderful man my mother married when I was 5, so I consider him my true father, but yea, I have always been curious about where I came from.

I “friended” my cousin, and she accepted telling me it was great to hear from me.  Last week, I noticed my birth father’s name on her page.  I asked my mom what she thought about me connecting with him.  She said she thought it would be fine and that he would probably be glad to hear from me.  She has always said he isn’t a bad guy. They were just young, stupid kids in high school when I came along.

He has accepted my request.  We’ll see what happens…

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Foul Mouthed Womanizer or Lying Baby Killer?

The whole release of the 10 year old tape of Trump and his dirty mouth has made me see how inconsistent we can be in our society.  Years ago, we had a president who actually did some raunchy deeds with an intern in the Oval office, and he was still allowed to stay in office.

We all who knew what we were getting when Trump was nominated.  I certainly never would date him or work for him.  Everyone knew he was a womanizer. Now, all of the sudden, people are outraged.

Ladies, if you are so offended by Trump, then who bought all those copies of 50 Shades of Grey or went to see the movie?  Have any of you helped one of the Hooters girls find a better job so she doesn’t have to parade around with her boobs and butt cheeks hanging out for men to stare at?  Have you helped a poor girl working in a strip club, so she doesn’t have to do that?

Sorry ladies, but I think there are worse things in the world than Trump’s foul mouth.  You know, like a dead son in Benghazi or all of the babies aborted for nothing more than pure convenience.  Yes, I said it.”convenience” since rape and life threatening conditions are only a small percentage.

Personally, I wish we had better choices this year, but we don’t.  A third party candidate doesn’t stand a chance, so I’m going to have to go with the foul mouthed womanizer over the lying baby killer.