Dillard Gets the Ax From TLC

So the grifter Derick Dillard got the ax from TLC because of his tweets about fellow TLC star, Jazz.  While I don’t see his comments as hate, I do feel Derick should have left a minor/child out of the conversation.

The transgender issue is a very delicate one.  There are indeed medical conditions where a person is born with both male and female parts. There is also another condition where someone is born with female parts, but is genetically male. It has something to do with the fetus not being sensitive to the male hormones while in the womb, so the male parts don’t develop.

Mostly though, it is a mental health issue. It’s like an anorexic seeing himself/herself as fat when they’re not.  In those cases, family and friends do not go along with them in their misconception. They encourage therapy and try to help them see the reality that they are not fat and are dangerously thin.   Yet there are those who encourage gender dysphoria and support their loved one pumping his/her body with hormones or even mutilating their body.  As a 5′ white woman, if I got a dark spray tan and wore a wig andplatform shoes and tried to say i was a 5’10’ black woman, it would not be hate for someone to tell me that I’m not

What bothers me is those who will call the truth and say Jazz is a boy are labeled as haters or bigots. I do not hate transgender people, and would defend anyone who was being mistreated or bullied, but it’s not hate to say that Bruce Jenner is a man.  He can call himself Caitlyn, take hormones, cut certain parts off  and wear a dress, but he is still a man.  That said, if I were to ever see him in need, I would help just like I would anyone else.



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