Why I Went to Work Today

Today is a “day without women”.  The elitist feminazis want women to stay out of work in protest. In protest of what?

What a wonderful example to our young daughters to stay home and pout for no reason. Personally, I hope it backfires on them and many of them are fired.

Can any of them name one job they didn’t get because they were a girl?

Any class they couldn’t take in school because they were a girl?

Name a man who was paid more than her who had the exact same degree/qualifications, experience and years of service at a company?  I doubt it because salaries are supposed to be confidential anyway.

If the feminazis really wanted to stand up for women, they would be standing up for the girls who are mutilated or sold as sex slaves or Middle Eastern women who are abused, raped or allowed to be killed for no reason.

So, take off the stupid vajay jay hats and do something useful with yourself.  I’ll be at work.



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