A Year and a Half Later

What goes around, comes around.

Just over a year ago my husband and I were in what is supposed to be a two year training school for a well known mission organization.  All was well until Jan. 2015.  Another couple took it upon themselves to assume things about our family by what they heard second hand from their child who was spreading lies.  By the time we got wind of it, the damage had already been done.  Police and Child Services became involved because the child’s mother chose to go outside the chain of command and report on something she knew nothing about. It was so humiliating to be called to my children’s school and be met by a Child Services worker and a police detective.

If she had bothered to ask us what was happening or even properly used the chain of command, her concerns would have been addressed pretty easily because even those in the training school leadership were aware of my daughter’s history.

Thankfully everything was cleared up pretty quickly, but the damage had been done.  We ended up leaving the training school.

This past weekend was what would have been our commencement along with our ordination and commissioning.

Of course, the other family made it through, but they are being sent to what is known as one of the worst places that no one wants to go.  While over this past year, our family has been blessed with many new friends and two very well paying jobs with the prospect for promotions for both of us in the near future

Funny how God works things out.  God does repay.

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P.S. Here is a link to some of my blog posts from that time period if you want the whole story. https://talesfrommyhearttoyours.wordpress.com/2015/02/



One thought on “A Year and a Half Later

  1. I didn’t have the same experience as you, but dealt with a toxic church experience myself. I met for coffee with a “friend” from the church. It was just weird. 6 months ago those people meant everything to me. Now, I has laser focus on what is important and it’s not church. Things are so different now. She’s still struggling with the same things. I’ve moved on.

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