Can I be a 6 Foot Tall Asian Woman?

If I said I identify as a six foot tall Asian woman, would that make it so?  No, because I’m a 4’ll” white woman.

So then could I get a deep spray tan, then have surgery to stretch my legs and slant my eyes?  Most people would think I was nuts if I wanted to do that and tell me to get therapy.

Yet it is perfectly reasonable to support and encourage someone to pump their body full of hormones and mutilate their body in a false attempt to change their gender.

Medical professionals at Johns Hopkins have already classified gender dysphoria as a mental health issue much like anorexia (you know, when a person “identifies” as fat when they aren’t), which is why they do not perform gender reassignment surgery.

I think we need to support and encourage therapy and help for those with gender identity issues in order to bring their mind in sync with their body, not invasive, painful surgery to bring the body in sync with the mind.




One thought on “Can I be a 6 Foot Tall Asian Woman?

  1. Agreed. I get tired of being called a bigot because I view transgenders as having mental illness. Well, I’m sorry, but if my daughter was cutting up her arms or telling me she hated her body, I’d be getting her professional help. She wasn’t born that way. It’s ridiculous the things we as a society decide are worth celebrating. Celebrate mental health persons who are trying to help, not the people who need help and do nothing about it.

    With that said, I feel sad for transgenders. It’s a sad world when you don’t even love yourself enough to be happy about who you are.

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