Arggh, I Did it Again

Well, today’s drivel from Lori was so infuriating I could not even finish reading.

Women should not go to college!  Oh my word!  I don’t care if you plan to be at home and not work.  God does not call anyone to be uneducated!   No where does scripture say we don’t need to have basic knowledge of more than scripture.

According to Lori and her minions who commented in agreement, public universities are evil and the more a woman learns the less content she will be at home.  I agree there are many problems in our state run universities.  Yes, there are Atheist professors, wild parties, etc.  There is also a severe need to “be in the world, but not of it”.  Aren’t we called to be salt and light?  Do we hide our lamp under a bushel and stay only in our church building and only hang with those who are like minded?

I attended public universities for my Bachelor’s and Master’s and only experienced one Atheist instructor who never pushed his unbelief.  The only way I found out was I was within earshot of a conversation after class.  The rest of the professors simply taught the subject matter we were there to learn (Trigonometry, Spanish, Lesson Planning, how to work a Smart Board etc… Even in the philosophy class I took, the professor never stated which beliefs he held.  He taught all of them.

OK, rant over.  Have a blessed day everyone, and be sure to stay stupid if you’re a woman.


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