The Intolerance of the Tolerant

For goodness sake, can people stop calling anyone who disagrees with them a bigot or a hater?  I’m so tired of those who preach tolerance being so intolerant.

Those who think homosexuality is a sin are called homophobes, bigots, etc.  First of all the practice of homosexuality is indeed a sin.  The Bible is very clear on that.  However, it is no different than any other sin.

For those who say people are born that way, well, we all are.  We are all born with a sinful nature.  Sure, we can’t help who we are attracted to, but we can control how we act on those attractions.  My husband and I have a dear friend who struggles with same sex attraction.  However, he acknowledges that it is wrong and chooses to stay celibate.  He says having self control (though hard at times) is no different than two straight people who are not married that choose to practice abstinence before marriage, or someone who does the right thing by not sleeping with someone else’s spouse.  God expects them to do the right thing, so if  controlling oneself is good enough for them, then it is good enough for him.

Our neighbors are lesbians.  They are very kind people.  My husband has shoveled their driveway when one of them had surgery and I made a meal for them.  They have helped us and shared things with us as well.  We don’t hate them.  I don’t look at them any differently than my cousin who is living with her boyfriend.

I’m not a homophobe or bigot for supporting traditional marriage.  Heterosexuals don’t have the “right” to marry.  Marriage isn’t a “right” for anyone.  Same sex couples have the same rights as any citizen.  They can get a power of attorney so their partner can make medical decisions, they can name their partner as beneficiary on insurance policies. They can get a joint bank account.  They can rent an apartment together.  None of those things require them to be married.

We are all created by God in His image, so let’s all get along and stop the name calling just because someone doesn’t agree with you.




5 thoughts on “The Intolerance of the Tolerant

  1. You make me laugh. I think it’s your snarky tone. You sound like me! I have gay nephews. One of them found out he was written out of his rich step dads will so now he’s straight. He had a kid with his wife. Apparently they are just together to bleed the step dad. How’s that for motivation??? Oiy!

  2. So weird because today my sister told me my gay nephew wrote a long email and sent it to the family (except me because I have disowned all of them…they are abusive and toxic) My nephew is getting married to his boyfriend in Mexico. He just sent a message to the whole family about why my brother (his step dad) and his mom are liars and how they abused him as a child. My family is destroying themselves. Part of me is sitting here laughing because of how evil they all are…they all deserve it. The other part of me feels sad. This is what my family is. I think if he would have had a decent father figure, he wouldn’t have become gay.

  3. Yeah I feel that I needed to distance myself from them not because of the fat stuff. Mostly because my family is abusive. I feel sad for my nephew more than anything and pray he will find Jesus before it’s too late. It’s harder for me to feel that way with my siblings but I know I should be praying for them too.

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