Stop Misusing Scripture

I came across this blog.  While some of the things written are wise, some can be infuriating.  Now, I am not a feminist nor a “man hater”.  I am fine with traditional gender roles, stayed home with my children when they were small etc…

What really makes me fume is the judgmental attitude toward anyone who does not think like her.  Then she won’t approve your comment if you disagree, so I thought I would respond on my own blog:

God does not have the same plan for all women.  There is no scripture forbidding a woman from working outside the home, nor is there a commandment to stay home.  That is between a wife, her husband, and God.  If you read one of my previous posts, I stated that the woman in Proverbs 31 likely had to leave home some of the time to accomplish the things she did. It mentions she had servants. Hmmm, maybe to stay with the children so she could tend to business???  There is also not a command to have 19 kids.  The misuse of scripture is awful.  Yes, a man is blessed if his “quiver” is full of children, but it does not command you to be stupid and have more than you can manage.  For some, a quiver could be filled with 2, 3, or 5.

Don’t tell me I can’t make nutritious meals because I work outside the home.  You do know what a freezer is, right?  It’s very easy to cook a double recipe of something and freeze half for later.  Just like when we grill out steaks and freeze the extra so we can enjoy a steak dinner on a busy weeknight as well.  And guess what, you can pre cut veggies, and cook meat ahead of time to make life easier as well.

BTW, sure, I don’t mind cooking dinner and serving my family, but if my husband comes home while I’m fixing dinner and joins in, that is OK.  Cooking is something we like to do together like a hobby.  Get a grip, Lady.

Don’t tell me I can’t keep a clean house because I work either.  My husband is kind enough to pick up behind himself most of the time.  My teens have chores.  We all contribute.

Easy clean up tip:  before going to bed, take about 10 min and have everyone go through an area of the house and put away anything still out of place.

Yes, I do believe my husband is the leader and the head of the house.  I am fine with being his help mate (yes, that’s help MATE, not MEET).


Anyway, if you feel led, please bombard this misguided woman with the truth!  She follows Michael and Debi Pearl who are vile extremists that believe in spanking even infants as young as 4 months old. Yes, that’s 4 MONTHS old, not four years old.   Just Google “To Train Up a Child”  Let her know your thoughts on that as well if you wish.


Pearl 2




6 thoughts on “Stop Misusing Scripture

  1. You are funny!! I can’t stand people who think everyone must be one way. I do believe God said something about not adding to scripture! I homeschool but I also work part time (the horrors!!) and my husband and I take turns cooking. We also share other household duties. I just left a Duggar type church and have the scars to prove it. I gave them hell up until the day I left because of stances like these which aren’t biblical. I can’t stand these types of women. I didn’t spank my kids because I was abused as a child with boards and belts yet I was just supposed to get over that to spank my kids. I think God has enough grace for me, you know? Ugh…people like this shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  2. Ugh I couldn’t read her drivel. So I had to read a book at our last cult church called the Excellent Wife. Horrible book! In there she says that her grandmother was dearly loved because she always did what her grandfather asked and never complained and he treated her like a princess. I said to someone in the cult church “well of course! Everyone loves a slave!!” That didn’t go over so well. This woman is gross.

    • Don’t get me started on the Duggars. Free Jana! I actually liked them until about the time Josh and Anna got married, and I began to see none of the adults were allowed to move out, go to college, etc…sad. As far as spanking, I’m OK with popping a toddler’s hand if they are about to touch the stove or something dangerous or swatting the backside of a preschooler who can understand the rules and disobeys, but not an infant. That’s absurd. James Dobson, who is OK with spanking, even says no discipline is necessary until at least a year old when they can understand the word, “no”. Sorry you had a bad experience as a child.

      • I am not against spanking either. I just had trouble being a mom who spanked with my own kids. I had a friend who had me watch the Pearls once. I literally talked back to the video. It was abusive…go get a branch and use it on your kids. Adrian Petersen probably got that advice from them. I just couldn’t do it. No matter how hard I prayed, tried to be the biblical mom, or talked to other Christians. I just couldn’t do it. I have a 17 year old and I never spanked and thankfully she’s a good kid despite what the Pearls would have you think.

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