Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Some women believe if you live by traditional gender roles, you’re out of touch and weird. You’re living in the 1950’s.  They don’t see the value of having a mother at home.  Cooking and cleaning is beneath them and not worthwhile.

Other women think if you work outside the home you must be a “man hating” feminist and neglect your children if you don’t home school.

Why can’t we all just get along?  Why be so judgmental?  God has different plans for all of us.  Why can’t we just accept our “sisters” without criticizing their choices?

I’d say I am a mix of the two worlds of womanhood.   We do have some old fashioned gender roles in our family. I do defer to my husband on big decisions as he is the head of the house,  but he doesn’t control my every move and often tells me to do whatever I want. He does the yard work. I handle things for the children.

On the other hand, we all pitch in on cooking and cleaning, even our teenagers.

As my husband’s help mate, I have decided to work outside the home to help with savings. We could pay the bills on one income, but college and (I can’t believe I’m about to say this), retirement will come before we know it.

It is so frustrating to be judged.  God doesn’t have the same path for everyone in life. Recently, I was told feminist views have no place in the church.  OK, first of all, I am not a feminist.  I am very conservative (pro life, traditional marriage, etc.).  Here is a big one…I don’t hate men either.

After studying Proverbs 31, I can find no command for a woman to just stay home and have babies.  She was a business woman who considered a field and bought it. She selected wool and flax and made clothes to sell. She had employees because it states she gave things to her servants.  Now, in order to consider a field she would have to leave home to go inspect it.  Also, she would have to leave home to select the wool and flax to make her clothes.

So there, rant over : )



One thought on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. I love that I homeschool but I will never, ever teach my girls the only place for them in society is to be barefoot and pregnant and behind a stove. Is there anything wrong with being a mom at home? No, not at all. I have been home with my kids for over a decade yet I don’t expect everyone to do as I do. Maybe marriage isn’t gonna happen for them or maybe they want to be artists or scientists or anything else. I will always support their decisions. I work PT and I try to bring in extra income too. That’s still being a good mom. Times have changed and it’s very hard to live off one income unless you buy a tiny house and live off the land but that’s unrealistic!

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