Hear me Roar


Sometimes I still feel down about myself, but as the new year starts, I am not going to give into negativity.  I have accomplished some good things in my life.

In 1997, I drove all the way from North Dakota to North Carolina and found my first teaching job after graduation.  This was before the days of cell phones and GPS.  I had a AAA map and my husband’s gun.  Most likely I would have shot myself in the foot like Barney Fife, but he made me take it.  I didn’t get lost either : )

Then, I did a Proverbs 31 and bought a house by myself.  “She considers a field and buys it…”

According to the beginning of my life, the odds were against me.  I was born to a single teenage mom from a “not so well off” family.  I also married very young before completing college.  A lot of people who do that don’t end up graduating, but I did (even got a Master’s too).

I did much better than I expected on preparing sermons and even got A’s preaching them.  OK, so that’s not a major accomplishment. Lots of people can do that, but it was a huge confidence builder for me.  As I think of a year ago I believe the Lord knew I would need that to face what I went through then.  I would have never thought I would be able to face a college president and stand my ground.  Heck, I went through 12 years of school never going to the principal.

New confidence continues for a new year.  If there are some who don’t like it, they can kiss my ….




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