Childhood Revisited

My family and I spent New Year’s at my parents in SC.  We had a late Christmas and spent a lot of time time talking about childhood memories.

My mom and I both have some wonderful memories of my grandma (her mom). We lived with her until I was 5 when my parents got married. Then we moved in next door to her when I was 10.

We laughed about how we would get in trouble and the switches she kept on top of the kitchen cabinet (that were still there in 2005 when the house was torn down).  Of course my mom had to go get her own switch back in the day.  By the time I came along, there was already a full supply. LOL   My mother would run out in the woods to hide from a “switchin'” but my grandma would yell, “I’ll get you in bed tonight!”

We remembered walking next door to her house for fried chicken every Sunday after church and how she used to have Oreos on the table for me when she picked me up from school.  And there was the time she broke her hip and refused to go to the doc.  It took the preacher to talk her into going.

I saw the movie, War Room, and that brought back some of the sweetest memories.  She had a walk-in closet where she prayed just like the lady in the movie.

We also talked about my birthfather’s side of the family.  I found one of my cousins on facebook and “friended” her.  Nothing back yet.  I have found my birthfather’s address and phone#.  Still debating on what to do

Who knows what 2016 will bring?   Have a great one!




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