I’ve Been Blocked

Well, this has never happened to me before.  I try to keep my political opinions off of fb, but last night I did respond to a comment in a closed group concerning how much the govt. should be involved in helping people and how much people who are able to work take advantage of the system.

After teaching school for 15 years, I am now in the social services field.  All I said in my comment was that I think something needs to be done to make a more effective system to insure people do not take advantage.  I mentioned how I have seen people come in with the newest iphone, fancy acrylic nails and driving a new car all while having food stamps and coming to our office for help with their rent or electric bill.   There have also been people who come for food, yet refuse the food box when they don’t like what is in it (then you aren’t hungry).  Last weekend we had a coat give away, and there were people who turned down coats because they did not like them (then you aren’t cold).  Just to be clear, the food was normal food, not liver or cheap spam or anything.  The coats were in good condition.  We had gone through them and thrown out any torn or damaged ones.  We even had them all dry cleaned.

Now, to be fair, there are those who are extremely grateful even to the point of tears.

I wasn’t insulting anyone or calling anyone names or cursing. I simply described the situations as above and was told I am not a real Christian because Jesus said to help others.  Yea, well Jesus never said give to those who don’t need it so there won’t be any left for those who do.

That’s why my family lives below our means.  I can afford a new car but drive a 16 year old car.  I can afford a new iphone, but have a cheap Samsung.  I could afford a better house, but live simply.

Anyway, I was blocked.  LOL Fine with me.

Life will go on.



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