Where Did We Come From?

There are many beliefs, morals, and opinions in the world, and I try hard to respect everyone and not try to force my views on others.  I’m not one to feel threatened when someone else thinks differently than me. When my son comes home from school and says he is learning about evolution in science class, I’m not surprised. After all, it is one of the theories out there, right?  I want my kids to be well rounded and know about different views, but when you teach it as the gospel truth and tell children that what they have heard in church about creation is not true, we’re going to have a big problem. Both sides should be presented as equal theories.

Not sure how to handle this one.  My children went to public school a few years ago and there were not problems, but they have mostly attended private Christian schools where science was taught as the study of God’s creation.

Here’s one to think about:  If we evolved from apes, then why are there still apes?

After teaching school for 15 years, I never want to tell a teacher how to handle her classroom, but I feel a parent/teacher conference coming on…



One thought on “Where Did We Come From?

  1. I think it’s important to know enough about other theories to show that Christians are not the only people who believe based on faith. There are big holes in other theories and they fall back on “science will discover it someday”. Know the questions to ask to put the responsibility on others to prove what they believe. They aren’t always as sure of their “facts” as they claim to be.

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