Is God Testing Me?

Why is it the harder I try to have faith the more hurt I become.

I tell myself things could be worse.  My troubles really aren’t that bad, but I just get angrier.

I tell myself to be thankful for my blessings.  My children are healthy.  I am healthy. We have enough food and money for bills.

I should be thankful, right?  I am.  I watch Joyce Meyer and read scripture after scripture and pray and pray.

So why do things seem so hard?


2 thoughts on “Is God Testing Me?

  1. I think Jesus thought the same thing at one point (like he was sweating blood the night he was arrested). Hey, I think somewhere it says that we get to share in his sufferings and maybe for a while that is what is going on. Things don’t just seem hard, sometimes they are hard. If it’s any consolation, I learn more precious things about God from the hard times than I do from the not hard times. Maybe you will too. Hang in there.

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