Don’t Miss It

As I read through my facebook page and see friends that are returning to the training school my husband and I attended last year, I find I don’t miss it.  Sure, I miss some of the people and friends we made, but as we are about to begin the process to go back next summer, I’m not so sure I want to.  It’s nice to be out in the free world again.  I can relax in the evening instead of studying and writing papers.

One of the instructors who cried and prayed with me before we left promised me that once things calmed down and we got settled in the new positions they found for us I would be happy. She was right.  I’m afraid to go back to a place where I felt so betrayed.

For those who don’t know, back in January and February, one of my daughter’s friends apparently was listening at our door when we happened to be fussing at our daughter who was throwing a fit over homework.  The child ran home to her mother who, instead of asking us about it, chose to call DSS and somehow a bigger tale got spun with horrible accusations.  I was called to my children’s school and met by a police detective and DSS worker. My husband had to move out for a week until he was cleared even though our daughter said he had not done anything to her.  The president of the school felt it best to get us out of there and found jobs for us until we are able to return.

Do I really want to go back???????


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