Switched Up Romance: The Rest of the Story

I had intended to save yesterday’s post as a draft because I did not have time to finish, but somehow ended up publishing it. So, here is the rest of the story…

School ended and I met a nice young man through a lady at my job.  My friend and I stayed in touch for a while, but lost track of each other. There were no cell phones or facebook to keep up with each other.  The young man ended up feeling I was too young for him. I was 19, but couldn’t go to clubs or party yet, and he was 22.

Fast forward to 1990:  I received a call at work from my old friend’s (now ex) boyfriend.  He asked if I remembered him. I told him I did, I was surprised he would be calling me since I had not seen him in over a year, then he explained that he and my friend had broken up.  He said he was in town visiting friends, and wanted to know if would like to go out with all of them.  I agreed, and the rest is history.

Now here is the “switched up” part:  The young man I had been seeing the year before ended up running into my old friend a few years later, and THEY are now married.  LOL  We traded.

She looked up us up back in 2002 after nearly 10 years.  She was in some kind of 12 Step program that said she was supposed to apologize to people she had hurt or something like that.  Haven’t heard from her since.


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