Peace in the Storm

There have been lots of ups and downs, but I am thankful for true friends.  Those who are intelligent enough to realize that there must be nothing to the lies when 4 separate trained professionals question our daughter and check out the information in a 1 inch binder I handed over to them and, they found nothing.  But some still think they know better than a Child Protective Services Worker, a police detective, a child advocate, and a therapist.

I am thankful that this this is the exception.  We have a lot of support and had a great time with our true friends last night.

Will be returning to somewhere in NC in the next few weeks.  Those in charge feel it is best to remove us from this environment due to the tension, but are looking for a place to send us for work.  We will be able to return at the end of next year when our current class session is no longer here.  We were privately told by one of the officers that even though we don’t see how this will help us, it is best to get our daughter away from the other children around here (she witnessed our daughter being bullied and came to us).

I have peace knowing we will have jobs somewhere and they will take care of us through this.


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