My First Guest Blog

Our friend, Opinionated Man, asked for volunteers to share their adoption story, so I decided to share mine.
I was born to a 17 year old mother in 1970. She struggled with choices such as to sneak and have an abortion or to give me up for adoption, or to keep me. Her decision was made after my grandmother encouraged her to think of the future and not the present. She told my mom that years later she would regret giving me up and always wonder what happened to her baby, so my mother decided to raise me with the help of my grandparents. My birthfather was in the picture until I was about a year old. He drank a lot and became abusive, so my mom did not think it best for me to be around that and no longer allowed him to see me.
When I was two, my mother met a wonderful man who she married when I was 5. He adopted me, and I had a great childhood with two loving parents. My grandmother’s wisdom proved true. After only a few years of being a single parent, my mom was married, had a good job, and was doing very well.

Fast forward to 1996…
My husband and I could not have children. We decided to adopt. We were picked by 2 different birth mothers who backed out and kept their babies at the last minute. The second girl changed her mind on the very day we were to pick up the baby. It was a horrible thing to have to endure twice. I was so angry at God. I refused to pray or even go to church for a long time.

Fast forward again to 2006…
We began thinking of adoption again. This time we decided we would look for a child a little older instead of an infant because we knew we could not go through that pain again. The Lord placed in our path the niece of a church member who was a social worker in charge of placing children for adoption. She told us of a brother and sister who were in foster care and about to be legally free for adoption. They had no health issues or special needs, and they were looking for someone who would take both of them so they could stay together. Finally, on August 10, 2006, we brought them home! The adoption was final on July 31, 2007. Adoption has been such a blessing! Thanks for letting me share, and check out Harsh Reality at



One thought on “My First Guest Blog

  1. Thank you for telling it so simply and beautifully. I’m so glad you drew attention to the issue of older children needing loving parents and a good home. Thank you for adopting.

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