Here Comes Valentine’s Day

Well, I have been dreading Valentine’s Day knowing what is NOT going to happen. Today I came across something on Radaronline about Michelle Duggar (eeeew I can’t stand her). She commented how wives should always be available for sex even if they are tired. I am so sick of the stereotype that men want it, and women don’t.  

Well, you know what?  There are men out there who have to beg their wives.

My man has a willing wife who desires to please him. And this is a problem????  By the way, he has NEVER  complained and always seemed to enjoy himself.  

Pardon me for going on about the same old, same old. Just reminding myself it’s HIS loss.  I’m the normal one. LOLImage



2 thoughts on “Here Comes Valentine’s Day

  1. Since you have been the first wife to reference this, I can now see both sides of the coin. Regardless who is on the receiving end of not getting it on, for a lack of a better phrase, the tragedy is that dialog does not occur.

    If there were dialog at least, there could be room to overcome the hurdle that has presented its ugly head. However, with no dialog, it is tough to weather this storm. If we go a day without some form of sexual contact, my mind begins to shut down, so I cannot imagine the state of mind of someone who goes months or years. It really is their loss. Sadly, they do not see it that way. I hope this madness can be broken, because this is no way for any adult to live. Marriage is as much an emotional connection as it is physical.

  2. Oh there has been plenty of dialoge. Me crying and telling him how much his rejection hurts, and him yelling for me to get over it. He tells me there might be some action if I wouldn’t be such a b***h about it. I tell him I’m being such a b***h because there is no action. And on it goes….

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