Sooo Angry Part 3

I’m thinking maybe I did over react the other weekend (about the condom incident).  Now I don’t want to be blind or gullible, so I’ve really been keeping my eyes open.  

I still don’t see how he would be able to run around on me. For a week now, we have only been apart while one of us takes the kids to school on the way to work. Then we work together all day, go to lunch together and are only apart long enough for one of us to go pick up the kids on the way home.  This weekend we were home all day Saturday and all went to church Sun. 

He doesn’t even do anything suspicious. He leaves his phone out with me having complete access (a cheating man guards his phone with his life doesn’t he?)  He left it upstairs yesterday while I was folding clothes. It started ringing, so I called down to let him know, and he told me to go ahead and answer. 

That doesn’t sound like a man who is trying to hide something.  I’m still going to be paying attention, but so far, so good.



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