Soooo Angry

So this morning I was looking under his side of the sink for some more toothpaste. I saw a Wal Mart bag and looked inside. IT WAS A BOX OF CONDOMS! We have never used them, so WTH?  They were unopened. I guess I should be thankful for that.

I’m just so angry and confused. I can’t confront him right now because the kids are around, and they don’t need to hear.  Plus, he will probably give some lame reason.  Grrrrrrrrr ÷^#$÷@$÷/^&%=

Any words on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.


9 thoughts on “Soooo Angry

  1. … all of those trips to Raleigh? all of those times he stayed overnight when away for ‘legitimate’ reasons? all of those times he rejected you sexually? all seem to now have an explanation conveniently wrapped in individual packets. There is ONLY ONE REASON a man has bought a “new” box of condoms…and that’s because he has already used the other ones he bought and the woman he is currently having sex with, has demanded that he use them because she does not trust his sexual history and believes him to be promiscuous.

    there is nothing to be confused about. you have just discovered the proof that he is so comfortable in not being caught having sexual affairs with other women,because of the length of time he has been doing it, that he mistakenly left the new box of condoms he purchased in a place you have access to. a man who has never had sex outside the marriage, a man who is still in the planning stage of having an affair, does not buy condoms and bring them to his home because he is too afraid of discovery. that kind of complacency only comes with time and comfort level in not being caught.

    his hubris is astounding and i am appalled. i would not discuss this with him at all until you decide what you want from the discussion. he is cheating; finding his condoms are proof, how will you handle knowing? marriage counselling? i would definitely demand both he and you go to the family doctor for std testing so you can assure yourself he has NOT brought anything home, even if you are not symptomatic. will your faith allow you to stay married to a man who has just shown you he is cheating on you? will it allow you to forgive him and stay married and live knowing he preferred sex with other women while denying your sexual needs?

    will you allow him to make excuses and pretend he did not cheat and his buying condoms was simply a misunderstanding as he makes up some inane story for you? will you decide to accept that instead of the truth of it, so you can pretend all is well so nothing changes in your life? discovering those condoms is your D-day..your discovery day…you may not have found him in bed with another woman underneath him, but this was as close as you can get without actually seeing him in bed with another woman.

    your new reality is your husband has cheated on you and nothing he can say will change the fact you have all the proof you need in an unopened condom box in your bathroom. how you decide to deal with it, will either give him a free pass to keep doing it or it will tell him you are worth more than how he has treated you by refusing sex with you so he could have it with other people..

    good luck and i am so very sorry…you deserved so much more than to be lied to for so long.

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