Sooo Angry Part 2

Well, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I confronted him.

I suppose I should give some background info. A few months ago we discussed how/when it would be time to discuss sex and birth control issues with our children. He brought up buying some condoms to show them. I thought they were too young ( only 10 and almost 12).  So, he says he bought them back then and put them away since I didn’t agree.

Now here’s the thing…We DID have a conversation about buying

some. So how can I say he’s lying?




Also, we are together almost constantly and even work together.  I have no idea WHO he would be running around with or WHEN he would have time. He used to go spend the night away about every other month for class, so that would have been an opportunity,  but now he’s finished with classes and hasn’t been away since Aug.


I’m kicking myself now. I should have kept my mouth shut and waited to see if the box ever got opened.


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