A Month Milestone

Today is exactly one month since our last argument over the lack of intimacy in our marriage. That is a record. As expected, there has been no change. I know I am only responsible for my actions, not his. A dear friend told me on a couple occasions, “You can’t fix him.” True. Only God can. Which brings me to another problem. I have prayed and prayed about this and wonder why God doesn’t do anything. Then I read a verse today in James 1:2 where it says to consider it all joy when you face trials. Seriously?

The one blessing is things are peaceful, and our children aren’t having to listen to us argue. I will make this a good Christmas for their sake.



4 thoughts on “A Month Milestone

  1. Hi Michelle, just found you now, so I am sorry if these questions have already been answered, but do you know the source of your husbands intimacy disorder? Do either of you receive therapy of any kind? I am about your age and have a similar husband and we are working hard on recovery!! We have been together 26 years so this is a loooong slow journey! I am “just” a wife and mom, but learning and growing in God and my marriage to a very broken but beautiful man!! It has been the loneliest journey but we are starting to get somewhere and live in the light!! Tough but worth it!!

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