Thoughts on a Party


Saturday night we went to the good ‘ole office Christmas party. I couldn’t help but notice how each couple interacted.  Our accountant and his wife are young and expecting their first baby. I watched almost with jealousy (not because I want him, but because of what they seem to have) as he smiled at her and touched her hair and whispered in her ear.  Then I noticed another lady who has been married 26 years with her husbabd. They are both 50ish and sat inches apart not really speaking to each other.  Then there was me and my husband. He at least spoke to me and held my hand or touched my knee (even brought me a glass of punch).  I know the newness of a relationship wears off. You won’t stay the starry eyed person of your 20’s, but I sure pray we don’t end up the other extreme where we don’t even acknowledge each other.



4 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Party

  1. 😦 I believe your love doesn’t have to change with age – not in that way at least. It can grow into a more beautiful thing if there is enough work put into the marriage. I’ve seen many couples (I think I’m fortunate to have seen so many though) that are over 60 and still have a beautiful loving marriage – they act and live young at heart. It takes a lot of work, is what I’ve been told by a few of these couples. They’re both honest with each other 100% of the time. If they have ANY issues, they confront them and work them out … 100% of the time. It is a lot of work and effort to create a beautiful marriage – from both partners, but even just one partner can create that spark.

    • Thanks for taking time to comment.
      I just get so down. We seem to be just friends for the past 5 years. Hugs, hand holding, quick peck kisses, but no hot and heavy action for some time. I don’t get it. When I try to bring it up. We only end up arguing. ARRRGH,

  2. It’s so easy to become roommates. It definitely takes making a conscious choice and major effort to avoid it. We have been together for 26 years and my love language is physical touch (and words of affirmation). His recognition of this often makes us look like newlyweds (thank The Lord) but he has to be purposeful about it. I reccomend the book The Five Love Languages all the time because when we speak our spouses language on a regular basis we fall in love over and over again.

    • Thanks. I love that book. I am physical touch. He is acts of service. Seems like for the past few years we have just been friends. There is still some affection, just no “real” action. It stinks.i haven’t gained weight or let myself go, and I’ve never told him no when he was in the mood. Drives me nuts.

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