30 Days of Gratitude: Day 6

After driving by a bad car accident today, I must say I am thankful for God’s
protection. I often take for granted that when I walk out my door in the morning that
I will be coming home or my loved ones will be coming home when they leave each day.

God has watched over me in many ways over my life. At 10 months old, I was in my baby
walker and a chicken started pecking me near my eye. I still have the scar.

At 15, our home was robbed when I would have usually been home alone except for a last minute
change in cheer practice.

In 1996, while living on the Air Force Base in North Dakota, there was a tornado only a few
hundred yards away. Talk about running to the basement! There were a few houses that were badly
damaged, but no injuries.

God protected my whole class of 1st graders once. We were on the playground when a hunter or
someone in the woods shot a gun. The bullet got stuck in the siding of the school building.

Thank you Lord for Your protection! “Near misses all around me. Accidents unknown. Though I
never see with human eyes the hands that lead me home.”



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