Shut Up, Brain!

OK, so I had 2 long trips this week. I’m exhausted. It’s late, and my mind won’t quit. I had been doing much better dealing with my marriage, but now those old thoughts are creeping back. Hate nights like this.

Am I pretty enough? I’m no beauty queen, but I’ve never turned anyone to stone either.
Was I good enough in the bedroom? I guess so. For 16 years, he never complained.

Was I kinky enough? I’m not some prude who only did it with the lights off under the covers, missionary style.
In fact, there are only 4 things I won’t do.

1) I don’t do groups. Sex is something special that should be between 2 people who love each other and are committed to each other. Group stuff is not love or commitment.
2) I don’t do other girls. Not much to say on that one. I’m straight. Boobs and vajay-jays don’t turn me on. Plus, I think it’s
a sin.
3) This is gross, but I don’t do anal. That just reminds me of two men and sooooo not necessary between a man and woman.
4) No S & M. I prefer gentle, not pain. Now, as long as it doesn’t hurt… I’m in!

So there you have it. Fortunately, the hubby has never brought up any of those.

See, I said I was tired. Now I’m rambling. Just trying to figure out something that will never be figured out.



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